Being Refused Toilet Access – Channel 5 Interview

Having gone to a meeting in Manchester I was on my way back to the car when my ostomy decided to fill up and I started to spring a small leak thankfully still under the wafer, I darted into MANCHESTER CENTRAL EXHIBITION CENTER and asked the receptionist please can I use your toilet … her response we don’t allow the public to use our toilets, I explained I have a stoma and I need to change it urgently and still she said NO! 

I may have a condition not seen by your eyes, but isn’t it common decency to allow me to use your toilet? I’m appalled that you turned me away forcing me to panic in a place I am not familiar with to find the nearest toilet 

I could of been left humiliated in the street should my bag of fully leaked I think it’s disgusting that you refused me, it really does show the lack of knowledge of stomas/ostomies not being recognised as a need to use a toilet urgently and an invisible disability 

I hope that in posting what happened to me will prevent it happening to someone else and if we share this message we can raise awareness together!

This model with no bowel was left "humiliated" when he was refused toilet access despite his ileostomy bag leaking.

This model with no bowel felt "humiliated" when he was refused toilet access despite his ileostomy bag leaking.Father-of-three Blake Beckford is now campaigning to raise awareness and education of invisible disabilities. The company who refused him access have since apologised.

Posted by Channel 5 News on Friday, 19 January 2018

Blake Beckford

I want to inspire people, I want someone to look at me and think because of you I didn’t give up

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