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Acid Reflux Smoothie

I have been having so many issues with Acid Reflux from the medication I am taking following my surgery and no matter what I have tried (prescription medication, Gaviscon, cutting out acidic foods etc) it just hasn’t budged. Having Acid reflux is awful, you get scared to eat incase it starts it off again or […]

The Paleo Diet

So What Is The Paleo Diet? The human body evolved for more than 2 million years with the food found in nature: game meat, fish, vegetables, wild fruits, eggs and nuts. The human race was thriving on this diet high in animal fat and proteins and low in carbohydrates, but things changed when we introduced […]

Discovering Maca … 

I have been asked all the time how do I get over my fatigue when training? How do you have energy? Well ….. I have started using a new supplement called Maca, and I have to say for me it really has improved my energy levels, I don’t feel so fatigued, it helps with my […]

Fitness & Sport with a Stoma

After having surgery I felt like I would have to adapt my life and felt like I had to accommodate my stoma into my daily routine, the thought of getting back into a sport or hobby I once enjoyed was incredibly daunting. As the weeks rolled on after my surgery I started doing little and […]

Food & Our Digestive System

I have popped a few recipes onto my site that I use frequently, they have been slightly modified for my digestion system and people with an Ostomy however they are only small changes.  I wanted to explain why we have to adapt our diets a little more so than people with a “normal” digestive system. […]

Healthy Tortilla Pizza

I love Pizza – I think most people are with me on that! However I wanted to find a way to make it a little healthier and easier to digest, so I started using Tortilla bases – quick and easy way of creating a healthy base for your pizza  

Blakes (Protein) Rice Krispie Cakes

Nothing better than a sweet treat after training! This is a quick and easy treat where you can put your own stamp on it, I like to add dark chocolate chips or cherries. But you can add whatever you fancy!   Ingredients: Rice Krispies Cereal – 1 1/2 Cup Honey – 1 – 1/2 tbsp […]