Surgery & What To Expect

Surgery Being told you need to make the decision of having surgery, or being told you need emergency surgery is a scary prospect to anyone with or without IBD. When I was told I about surgery I panicked, the first thing I did was Google everything and all I could find was a lot of […]

Going Back To Work After Surgery

Going back to work after surgery is a daunting prospect, I had a total of 6 months off work from my flare up and then the surgery. I had a real mix of emotions I was excited to have a sense of normality again, but nervous about the questions I may get asked. How do […]

Going Back To The Gym After Bowel Surgery  

When I was recovering from having my bowel removed, the last thing I thought was that I would be able to go the gym and feel good about myself again. I have been going to the gym since I was about 16, striving to be fit, have a great physique and one day to enter […]