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Blake’s New Journey – March 2015

Hi Guys, I wanted to write this post to share with you all what I have been diagnosed with and the new journey I am now embarking. I started to feel unwell just before Christmas, I had terrible head rushes, pain in my neck that ran down my shoulders, very weak arms and started noticing […]

A Message From Blake Please Read …

It with great sadness that I will have to postpone the Blake Beckford Competition, unfortunately I have received some devastating news on my health and I need to have imminent Brain Surgery, this means I shall be out of action for the next few months. This has been totally unexpected. Hoping my brain surgery goes […]

New Ostomy Product Review Website!

Some of you may have seen recently I have launched Ostomy Reviewer a rate and review website – where we as Ostomates have a voice and can review products and services we use to help others be able to make a choice on what product to use. Its the first and only website where we […]

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Telegraph & Mens Fitness

Latest News – Blake Beckford               Blake Beckford Features in The Telegraph:   “Despite having the odds – and serious illness – against him, Blake Beckford managed to adapt and get himself into incredible shape. He had always wanted to compete in physique competitions, but his plans received an […]

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Blake Appears on ITV This Morning

Thought I would write a quick update to let you know how I got on with ITV – This Morning, Wow I was nervous!! Everyone was so great over at the ITV studios in London and I was incredibly grateful for the opportunity to talk about my journey with Ulcerative Colitis and having an Ostomy, […]


Wow what a week! Over night I saw my feed & inbox go crazy with messages about my story I can’t believe I have been featured in so many publications across the UK and global I am truly overwhelmed and grateful for everyones support it has been fantastic! I am so glad that Ulcerative Colitis, […]

Blake Lands Mens Fitness – 2014

          After battling a bowel disease for over a decade, Beckford set out to get into shape. His inspirational story is one of a kind   Despite having the odds – and serious illness – against him, Blake Beckford managed to adapt and get himself into incredible shape. He’d always wanted […]

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Last Minute Photo Shoot … 

So I had a call about 2 weeks ago to ask if I was available to do another photo shoot (similar to the one I did for the #FightWithBlake Campaign), I was incredibly pleased to be asked to do another shoot but as soon as I got off the phone I knew I would have […]

What A First Week

So over the last week I launched the #FightWithBlake campaign and I have to say I have been truly overwhelmed and incredibly grateful for the comments, emails, tweets, likes and new followers this week! So I wanted to say a big thank you to all of you!  I have met some incredibly inspiring people this […]

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Blake Launches #FIGHTWITHBLAKE Campaign – June 2014

  #FightWithBlake is an awareness campaign to fight the Stigma of IBD & having an Ostomy. IBD is a disease that affects around 261,000 people from the ages of 10-40 in the UK and is a life long disease. My name is Blake Beckford and I have an Ostomy from Bowel Disease, diagnosed with Ulcerative […]