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#FightWithBlake is an awareness campaign to fight the Stigma of IBD & having an Ostomy. IBD is a disease that affects around 261,000 people from the ages of 10-40 in the UK and is a life long disease. My name is Blake Beckford and I have an Ostomy from Bowel Disease, diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2003 and now living with an ileostomy since October 2013.


Together I want to raise awareness of IBD in people of all ages, I want to remove the stigma of IBD & having an Ostomy. Lets show our courage, determination and fighting spirit. Together we will change societies perception of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and show that it doesn’t stop us from reaching our goals and inspire others with bowel disease that we can achieve anything!


Blake Wants You …. 

I have recently launched the #FightWithBlake campaign to raise awareness of IBD and I want to hear from you!


I Want You To …

Write In, send me a video link or a picture that represents how you are fighting back against IBD, I want to see how you have overcome your battle with IBD, it could be anything from entering a race or competition, being able to go on the holiday you have always wanted to go on, taking the job you never thought you could do, overcoming obstacles, starting a new hobby, going out and living your life or even dating!

I want to use you’re inspiring stories to show others that we are IBD Warriors and together we can achieve anything we put our mind too.


How to Enter– Tweet me @Blake_Beckford or Post to My Facebook Page – Remember to use the #FightWithBlake


So get your cameras ready, start recording and send to Blake!