Mens Fashion Advice With A Stoma

We have all been their! I came out of surgery and had a meltdown nearly threw all my clothes away as everything online was saying to me wear loose clothes, wear braces, do this – do that! Just because we have a stoma it shouldn’t change our style! It’s tweaking and adapting what you have in your wardrobe – and not hiding away! (Of course you can do a little retail therapy if you need too!) 

I also found that for guys its much harder to find any advice out their on clothing, there seems to be more for women then us so I wanted to share a couple of things that helped me embrace my stoma! 

Jeans & Trousers 

  • I do wear a belt however I have it a little looser than normal
  • Jeans are always a little more roomy so the bag doesn’t cut in 
  • I wear my trousers so they cover half the bag – I don’t do the Simon Cowell style jeans! because they are a little looser it doesn’t cut off the flow 
  • I also wear my bag over my boxers – strange I know but it really stops the irritation of the bag on my skin so worth a try

Gym Clothing 

  • Get yourself a decent hernia belt – I use one from Osto-Mart and its great because not only is it for prevention but also if you lift up to do a weight nobody will see your bag as its tucked away. 
  • Gym Trousers – I always wore an elastic training trouser but it really restricts your output in the bag – draw string is much better! 

Winter Clothing 

Its so much easier to wear Jeans and a jumper, wrap up so much that you can’t even see your feet let alone your stoma outline! 

Summer Clothing 

The dreaded summer ….. where we all want to get our vests on, guns out and not really wear much! Here are a few tips that worked for me

– Wear either Bright or Dark colours – avoid White and Transparent pastel colours as the outline is more visible with tops/vests 

  • Pay a little extra for T-Shirts – a better quality cotton skims seamlessly over your bag however a cheap T-Shirt hang in all the wrong places! 
  • Swim Shorts – I have tried on my fair share of swim shorts, my tip don’t do elastic go for draw string, wear a normal short! If you’re not confident to get your bag out on the beach wear a bag cover and go for a patterned short as people will be more interested in your shorts and not the bag cover! (Best bag covers are the ones that you can get on the NHS – think it is Ostomart) 
  • Shirts – again a better quality – thicker cotton sits much better! 

Hope this helps! Do drop me an email if you need any other advice.