Cyprus 2014

So I am back from Cyprus, never been before but have to say I loved it!

IMG_3873This was my first holiday after surgery, not going to lie was a little nervous about many things in particular sun bathing, food while I was away, even researched the hospitals before I went!!

Okay so here’s my thoughts on the holiday …

IMG_3754Before I went I had a look at alternative swim shorts, high waisted board shorts etc and well I am not going to lie …. They are pretty awful!!! So I went under the opinion of so what if people see it I won’t see them again!
The first day we sat by the pool it was incredibly busy, I had a vest on and tried to sunbathe wearing it however I felt ridiculous, so I built up some courage, checked to see who was looking and whipped off the vest …. Liberating and nerve racking at the same time.  did however on the first 2 days decide if I was getting up through the vest back on!

After a couple of days of being their I realised nobody cared that I had an ileostomy, and  also I was having so much fun I forgot I had one myself, I was in the pool, walked down the beach and sun bathed! I was actually very surprised at how little people looked!

IMG_3758Taking Supplies & The Airport

I must of packed my stoma supplies a million times over before I went away, best thing I did do was pack my supplies wipes, bags, sprays etc into each of my bags so took a lot with me so I didn’t loose anything if my bag was lost. It did worry me though going through customs or the scanners the thoughts at the back of your head will they stop me and check my ostomy, are they going to make me take off my bag etc but going through customs was fine. I had nothing to worry about (I took a doctors note with me just to make sure I was covered!). In my hand luggage I took all my supplies minus any liquids just incase I needed to do a bag change on the plane.

Hospitals Abroad

Unfortunately I did visit a hospital whilst I was away however not for anything to do with my bowel … Just a typical ear infection and they were great English was fantastic and they really looked after me – would say though make sure you have great insurance I was lucky with my insurance as I am covered for anything to do with my surgery just check the small print!IMG_3833

All In All

I had a great time, just being able to sunbathe and walk around with my top off and not really having any awkward stares is a real confidence boost – I think it gets to the stage that you don’t notice if anyone is staring at you as you are to busy enjoying yourself to realise what others are doing! Cyprus is also a must if you haven’t been I had a great holiday with amazing beaches and food and already booking my next visit!