It with great sadness that I will have to postpone the Blake Beckford Competition, unfortunately I have received some devastating news on my health and I need to have imminent Brain Surgery, this means I shall be out of action for the next few months. This has been totally unexpected.

Hoping my brain surgery goes well, I will also have to undertake further surgery for my UC, and with both of this in mind I wanted to let you all know I shall be out of action for a while, I have read some of the most amazing stories about each and everyone of your fights to overcome the battles you have had with IBD and I have been incredibly touched by all of your emails and messages.

I want to thank you for you’re understanding, and support and promise I will come out of this fighting and stronger, and will keep up the fight against IBD.

As soon as I am back on my feet again and fighting fit I will definitely be picking this competition back up and all entries will be considered.

Much love and keep up the great fight