What A First Week

So over the last week I launched the #FightWithBlake campaign and I have to say I have been truly overwhelmed and incredibly grateful for the comments, emails, tweets, likes and new followers this week! So I wanted to say a big thank you to all of you! 

I have met some incredibly inspiring people this week, I have heard how you all are fighting the stigma, how people are over coming there fears and showing others there ostomy and how many people have been hitting the gym, fitness and taking on incredible challenges – wow! Your all inspiring to me!

One group of people this week has really inspired me, I hadn’t come across them before and I saw a tweet on my newsfeed so thought I would take a look and they are so inspiring, its a charity called theBreakaway it is the only UK wide charity specialising in the support of children, from birth to 18, and their families, with bladder and/or bowel diversions/dysfunction. Breakaway offers residential family weekends, giving the children and their families the opportunity to take part in confidence building activities, whilst having lots of fun. The children learn that there are other children just like them to share their experiences, make friends and grow in confidence. Breakaway has helped hundreds of lonely or isolated families.  In addition to residential activity weekends, Breakaway offers information days, family support and a strong network for families to chat and share information.


The children are incredible! Brave and very courageous and it really showed me not only are we fighting the stigma for ourselves I am fighting it for them so they grow up feeling confident, and know that they can dream big and achieve anything in life!


Take a look at what they are up to here: https://twitter.com/BreakawayFound or here  Don’t forget to follow them on twitter! 





I also wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated on my Virgin Giving Page I really am grateful! If you haven’t done so already even a £1 makes a difference its www.virginmoneygiving.com/blakebeckford 


Thank you all for your support this week!!